Pet registration change of details form

To ensure the City maintains accurate records in relation to your pet registration, please complete this form if any of the following apply:

  • Pet deceased
  • Pet(s) (and owner) living at a different City of Stirling address
  • Pet(s) (and owner) no longer residing in the City of Stirling.

To register a new pet or to notify the City of a new pet owner, please complete a Pet registration form.

Owner details

Must be over 18 years of age

Particulars of pet(s)

Pet gender*
Do you wish to change details for another pet?*
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By submitting this form you declare that:

  1. You are currently identified as the registered owner or the alternative contact of the registered pet
  2. The information provided is true and correct
  3. The City of Stirling will use your details to issue renewal notices and other relevant information
  4. You are aware that it is an offence to provide false and misleading information.
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