Home Sustainability Support for residents - registration form

Use this form to apply for a free home sustainability support session.
Please note - only valid, full addresses located within the City of Stirling's boundaries will be accepted
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Can you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year in your home?* (Note this includes using air conditioning/ heating)
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Before submitting your registration, please note the Eligibility and Conditions below:


  • Support Sessions must be located within the City of Stirling
  • Home sustainability sessions are suitable for both homeowners and tenants
  • You must not have previously received a Home Sustainability Support Session at your current address
  • Households that have low energy and water use may not be eligible for a support session.


  • A concerted effort must be made to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if the support session is to be rescheduled or cancelled. Late notice may make you ineligible to reschedule
  • Participants are required to provide 12 months billing history (electricity, gas, water) to the sustainability expert prior to the session
  • The energy and water saving products will be provided during the session and chosen based on the household needs.
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