Graffiti Safewipes registration form

As part of the City of Stirling’s ongoing commitment to the removal of graffiti vandalism in your area, the City provides free Graffiti Safewipes to residents to remove graffiti.

Once you have submitted this form, a pack of Graffiti Safewipes will be posted to you.

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Terms and conditions

  • I agree to only wipe out graffiti (using the Graffiti Safewipes provided to me by the City of Stirling) that may be showing on signs, bins, bus stops or playground equipment within the City of Stirling
  • I have, of my own desire and free will undertaken to request (and use) the Graffiti Safewipes from the City of Stirling and I agree to FULLY INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the Provider, its servants and agents from all claims, demands, actions and suits which at anytime hereafter be brought by any person against the Provider, its servants and agents for personal injury, death or property damage suffered by any such person caused by or arising out of or in any way related to using the Provider’s services and/or equipment.