Committee Meeting - Deputation submission form

Use this form to submit a deputation, no later than 12 noon on the day of the Committee meeting.

Deputations at Committee meetings are conducted in accordance with Section 5 of the City of Stirling Meeting Procedures Local Law 2009.

  1. Deputations (statements) must relate to an item contained within the Committee Agenda
  2. The Presiding Member will allow three minutes per deputation
  3. The Presiding Member allows only one speaker in favour and one speaker against the recommendation of items on the Committee Agenda. (Relevant Applicants/Owners/Lead Petitioners will be given preference for their item.) If there are speakers wishing to present opposing viewpoints on the same item, the person speaking ‘against’ the recommendation will speak first
  4. In instances when a number of people are in attendance wishing to make a deputation on the same item (with the same viewpoint on the recommendation), it is to be determined by that group which individual will be the representative to speak on behalf of those in attendance. No preferences will be given to those who submit a form early
  5. At the discretion of the Presiding Member, agenda items with deputations may be brought forward for consideration. (At the appropriate time, the Presiding Member will announce the speaker and invite them to make their deputation).
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