Find out about the City of Stirling's policy and local law related to advertising signs.

Advertising signs policy 

The City of Stirling has an advertising signs policy to:

  • Ensure that the display of advertisements on private sites does not adversely impact on the amenity of surrounding land
  • Avoid a proliferation of signs on individual sites and buildings
  • Improve the streetscape of major roads
  • Encourage the rationalisation of advertising signs on individual premises
  • Encourage the incorporation of advertising signs into the design consideration of buildings
  • Ensure that signs are not discriminatory or offensive
  • Ensure that signs only relate to services and products on the site.

In order to achieve these objectives, most signs require a sign licence prior to installation, and certain signs may also require planning approval.

Schedule 8 of Local Planning Scheme No. 3

Schedule 8 of Local Planning Scheme No. 3  contains provisions for:

  • Approvals
  • Sign definitions
  • Signs zoning table
  • Standards
  • Existing signs
  • Discontinuance
  • Maintenance of advertising signs
  • Removal of advertising signs
  • Notices.

Section 6.1 of the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Policy Manual

Refer to Section 6.1 of the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Policy Manual  for more information on:

  • Information regarding signage that is relevant to planning approval and building licence applications and submissions
  • General development provisions
  • Specific sign development standards
  • Specific area development provisions
  • Guideline areas
  • Neighbour consultation
  • Variations
  • Control and maintenance of existing advertising signs.

Sign Local Laws

The Sign Local Laws  contains information on advertisement sign licences, including:

  • Exemptions
  • Requirements 
  • Application
  • Issue
  • Duration
  • Fees
  • Production
  • Offences & penalties
  • Removal & disposal of signs.