Find out about City of Stirling policies and laws related to building or renovating commercial property, food premises, home based businesses, liquor licences and advertising signage.

Building or renovating

This page contains information regarding building or renovating in commercial areas. Here you can find information about demolition, land filling, excavation, retaining walks, noise pollution and more.
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Food premises

This page contains information relating to the construction or alteration of a commercial food premises and details the correct way to submit plans. It also contains information regarding alfresco licences.
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Home based businesses

Council approval is required for all home-based businesses and depending on the nature and size of the business, this approval may be informal or formal. This page contains information on setting up your business in the City of Stirling.
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Liquor licences

All liquor licence applications are required to be lodged with the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor, and need to include two certificates from the City of Stirling. Find out more about liquor licences.
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Find out about the City of Stirling's policy and local law related to advertising signs.
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