This section provides information about residential properties. Find out about licence and approves for building or renovating, and what you need to know about trees on private properties.

Building or renovating

Building or renovating

This page provides information regarding building and renovating specifically for residential developments. All structural developments require a building licence. Most developments, excluding internal alterations, also require planning approval.
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* Please note that there has been a change in the selection of the type of building permit using eLodgement. 

Please see following for further information: eLodgement - Building Permit Lodgement

Swimming Pools and Spas

The City of Stirling is required by law to inspect pool and spa barriers for safety, with not less than 4 years between inspections. Pool Inspectors have a legal right of entry onto your property to conduct these inspections.
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Trees on private property

If a tree overhangs your land, you are only entitled to cut and remove the offending branch or root up to the boundary of your land. Find out more about your rights and responsibilities, and when the City of Stirling can intervene.
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