Scarborough Redevelopment: Financial Relief to Small Businesses

The City is committed to ensuring that existing businesses remain sustainable during this redevelopment and have an opportunity to be part of the revitalised Scarborough. Council has approved a one-off ex-gratia payment for small businesses as a way of providing temporary financial relief to local business owners in the Scarborough foreshore precinct.

The ex-gratia payment will be a refund of the 2017/2018 property rates paid by the business either directly, or to a landlord.
To be eligible for the ex-gratia payment, specific criteria must be provided through an application process including:-

  • Confirmation of the applicant's business structure, including the names of the individual owners or the company name, and a copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Business;
  • Evidence of the 2017/2018 rates due for their land area;
  • Evidence of the land area occupied by the business and proof that the applicant's business is located within the area shown in the map ; and
  • Financial records and other financial information for the years ending 2015, 2016 and 2017 confirming:- 
    • Levels of turnover during these years to show that the business experienced a reduction in turnover in financial year 2017.
    • That it meets the criteria of a small business, as per Part 1.5, Section 10 of the Corporations Act 2001 as follows:-
      "A Company is classified as small for a financial year if it satisfied at least two of the following tests:
      • Gross operating revenue of less than $10 million for the year;
      • Gross assets of less than $5 million at the end of the year;
      • Fewer than 50 employees at the end of the year.
        A company that does not satisfy at least 2 of these tests is classified large."

The funding available for this ex-gratia payment has been capped at $200,000. To ensure the total payment is within the capped amount, it will be based on a pro-rata calculation of the land area occupied by the eligible businesses.

Businesses need to send their applications to the City of Stirling satisfying all eligibility criteria, as noted above, in order to qualify for the ex-gratia payment.

The applications can either be:

  1. Emailed to FinanceAdmin with the subject header as 'Application for Ex-gratia payment' or 
  2. Posted to:-

Attn: Application for Ex-Gratia Payment
The City of Stirling
PO Box 1533
Osborne Park WA 6916

The closing date for applications is 25th October 2017.

Determination as to whether the ex-gratia payment will be made will be discretionary and final.