Scarborough Beach Parking Consultation - Survey Feedback

The City of Stirling received 840 responses to the survey which was a great result and a lot of responses to the survey expressed similar themes.

To give you an indication on the feedback, the City received positive responses with 54% supporting the proposed Scarborough Beachfront Parking Scheme while 29% of respondents were negative. The remaining 17% of the responses were indifferent or gave no comment.

The City also received various other responses to this question including; 'nothing', 'mostly free parking', 'range of options', 'plenty of it, too much' and 'good to have time limits'.

The Responses to the second question 'What could we do to improve the scheme?' included a variety of answers including 'more all day parking', 'more 1 hour parking', 'reduce parking', 'make 1 hour zones 90 minutes or 2 hours', 'small amount of pool user parking', 'parking bays for surf lifesaving volunteers', 'build a multi storey car park (away from the beach)', 'underground parking', 'CAT bus' and 'free parking for residents/resident permits'.

The final question in the feedback survey, 'Have we overlooked anything? produced a range of feedback as well with 'more parking', 'too much parking in front of cafes blocking views', 'road access and traffic flow', 'better signage for Wilson Parking' and 'management of streets 4 blocks away'.

It was interesting to note the range of responses, for example, some thought there was not enough parking while others thought there was too much. Some thought the timing was too long while others though it was too short. There were also a number of issues raised which were outside the scope of this consultation including; providing more parking (through underground or multi story car parks), future access issues, not selling Reserve Street car park, taking over Manning Street car park as well as the provision of a CAT bus.  

Based on the responses received, we believe that the draft scheme was largely accurate although the time limits of the zones should be reviewed.  It was noted that there should be no more than 2 different time zones (not including 'unlimited') and that these zones should be 4 hours and 2 hours. The Reserve Street, Manning Street (paid) and Rendezvous (paid) carparks provide all day alternatives. The City has also engaged directly with the surf club on usage of the 'Authorised Vehicles' area to ensure there is sufficient parking for their patrolling members.

As a result of considering the feedback received, the only change to the advertised scheme is in the southern upper carpark where the 1 hour area will be increased to 2 hours and the proposed 4 hour area changed to 2 hour parking. This area would then be able to better service the customers of cafes, restaurants and the pool.

The approved scheme (shown below) will now be implemented on site with relevant signage being installed late in 2017.  

Parking Scheme Scarborough.jpg

Scarborough Beach Parking FAQs

Read the FAQ's here

Current Status of Scarborough Redevelopment Works

The Scarborough Redevelopment Works are currently under way.  Georgiou Group have been appointed by the MRA as head contractor for the transformation of Scarborough's beachfront. For project updates including access to the beachfront and parking please refer to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority website.

Go to Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority website

Scarborough Redevelopment Project 

On 11 May 2016, the State Government announced the allocation of an additional $18 million investment, over its initial pMRA Signage Scarborough Redevelopmentledge of $30 million by Premier Colin Barnett in January 2015, towards transforming Scarborough Beach foreshore into one of Australia's best beachfronts and tourism hotspots.  The State Government and the City of Stirling will collaborate to invest $75.4 million over the next three years.  In addition, the City of Stirling will spend $26 million towards the construction of a 50m Scarborough Beach Pool bringing the total spend to $101.4 million.

Development Applications in the Scarborough Redevelopment Area

All Development Applications within the Scarborough Redevelopment Area will have to be lodged with and determined by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.  For more information please visit the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority website:

Go to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority website

Scarborough Beach Pool

The City's new Scarborough Beach Pool is now open! For entry fees, opening hours, program information and more please visit the Scarborough Beach Pool website.

Works Completed

The City and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority have completed the forward works to prepare the beachfront for the redevelopment works and installed the coloured down-lighting of the roof of the Amphitheatre and the coloured up-lighting of the Clock Tower, in addition to the bronze statues of the surf lifesavers and the public Wi-Fi.