The Local Area Planning program commenced in 2006 and was a contemporary approach to planning that concentrated on planning for a defined locality, rather than broad plans that cover the entire City.

The program acknowledged that the City is not uniform in character and function, and that community values and issues of concern can vary from place to place.  A focus on smaller areas allowed for local issues and the uniqueness of the area to be explored in greater depth, in close consultation with the local community.  The Local Area Planning program examined a wide range of topics and issues relevant to a locality, and produced a plan that assists and guides the future direction of each area.


The Local Area Plans have been incorporated into the draft Local Planning Strategy which has been produced in line with the State Government planning direction, such as Perth and Peel at 3.5 Million planning framework.  Due to the 10 years that have passed since the commencement of the Local Area Planning program, not all of the individual Local Area Plan recommendations can be supported within the draft Local Planning Strategy. However, the draft Local Planning Strategy will be subject to an extensive public consultation period once permitted by the West Australian Planning Commission.