The Mirrabooka Town Centre Structure Plan area is located between Reid Highway, Yirrigan Drive, Mirrabooka Avenue and Northwood Drive.

The City of Stirling is presently preparing a structure plan in consideration of the State Government strategy 'Directions 2031 and Beyond' and state planning policy 'Activity Centres for Perth and Peel'.

The City is continuing improvements to the Mirrabooka Centre with the extension of Milldale Way to create a main-street, assisting initiatives, and providing new mixed development sites along the main-street. The improvements are aimed at making the Centre a better place for work, shopping, leisure and living.

Mirrabooka Town Centre Structure Plan


The Structure Plan will be administered by the City in association with the Local Planning Scheme No.3.

The core aim of the MCSP is: "To create a centre with a diverse range of uses, which is attractive, safe and is a focus for the region's shopping, social housing and service needs."

To achieve this aim the following objectives have been identified for the MCSP:

  • To provide a sound, coordinated strategy for the integrated development of public and private land to facilitate the creation of a safe, successful, vibrant centre, which provides a range of needs for a regional community;
  • To provide sound economic reasoning to substantiate and inform the development of recommendations in relation to land use zoning and allocation of costs;
  • To provide guidance on statutory planning provisions for desired development outcomes for private land within the centre, consistent with the adopted vision;
  • To provide guidance for an implementation strategy that builds on the outcomes of the Mirrabooka Regional Centre Improvement Strategy; and
  • To provide for integration of built form and land uses with public transport infrastructure.


The following projects and documents have contributed to planning in the Mirrabooka centre area:

  • 2000 Enquiry by Design Workshops
  • 2002 Mirrabooka Regional Centre Improvement Strategy (MRCIS)
  • 2004 Draft Local Commercial Strategy
  • 2004 Draft Mirrabooka Regional Centre Design Theme & Guidelines
  • 2005 Draft Mirrabooka Regional Centre - Urban Style Guide
  • 2006 Draft Mirrabooka Regional Centre Parking Strategy
  • 2006 Draft Mirrabooka Regional Centre Outline Development Plan


The Planning phase of the project requires collecting facts and information for preparation of a draft structure plan report.

Several precincts have been identified for the Mirrabooka centre area. Development standards for land use and building form will be coordinated for these precincts.
Mirrabooka Town Centre
The draft structure plan is required to be approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Mirrabooka Activity Centre Open Day

On 8 May 2014 the City presented the preferred plans for the Mirrabooka Town Centre to the community. The plans have been informed by the feedback received from the community on the three design options tabled at the 5 March 2014 Design Workshop. They will guide the future Mirrabooka Activity Centre Structure Plan that is currently under preparation.

Community Open Day Graphics 1
Community Open Day Graphics 2

It is the intention for the City and the WAPC to adopt the Mirrabooka Town Centre Structure Plan. A scheme amendment has been initiated to align zoning and apply new development provisions. A specific policy will also be introduced to guide and coordinate development for the Centre.

Mirrabooka Local Development Plan - Adopted by Council

Mirrabooka Town Centre Structure Plan - Adopted by Council 

For more information please contact the City Planning Unit via email or by calling (08) 9205 8555.