This project implementation page will discuss projects that are a result of the Integrated Cycling Strategy (ICS).  Find out more about the forthcoming projects.


Since the Integrated Cycling Strategy (ICS) was formally adopted by Council on 5 May 2015, the City has undertaken the Local Bike Route (LBR) review, in accordance with the requirements of the WA Bicycle Network Plan.

This process identified prospective route corridors for the primary and secondary cycling routes discussed in section 7.1 of the ICS (pages 106 and 107).

A key outcome from the LBR review identified that the most significant of those primary routes, warranting early delivery was a four kilometre long east-west route, connecting two of the City's main activity centres.

  • The eastern focus of this route is the 'Strategic Metropolitan Centre' of Stirling, which also benefits from direct connectivity to the primary Principal Shared Path (PSP) route along the Mitchell Freeway and Stirling train station.
  • The western focus of the route is the District Centre of Scarborough, which is currently the subject of a major redevelopment under the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), and through which runs the primary coastal cycling route.

In October 2015, the City applied for two year Perth Bike Network (PBN) grant funding, for the design and first phase construction of the Stirling to Scarborough Bicycle Boulevard, and was awarded a grant for $345,000 in May 2016.

Project Details

The City has engaged GTA Consultants to progress the initial concept plans, for the Stirling to Scarborough Bicycle Boulevard, through to formal public consultation and final design.  Once the initial concepts have progressed to a preliminary design stage, the first key stakeholder  review, scheduled for the end of March 2017, will be undertaken.  Following that review, plans outlining the preliminary designs will be published on the City's 'Open for public comment' page.  It is anticipated this will occur in April 2017, to enable preliminary comments ahead of the public consultation to follow.  Further details will be provided regarding the venue and time for a public consultation workshop, to be held towards the end of May 2017, on a Saturday morning within the vicinity of the proposed route.

For more information, please contact the Engineering Design Business Unit via email or by calling (08) 9205 8555.