The City of Stirling has adopted a local housing strategy for the next 5 years to guide future provision of housing, assess the role of supporting services and inform residential density reviews, focusing on 7 issues. Find out more about the housing strategy.

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) requires the City of Stirling to prepare a local housing strategy.

In December 2009, the City of Stirling adopted the Local Housing Strategy 2010 to analyse current housing-related issues, and identify housing needs for the next 5 years, and is awaiting endorsement by the WAPC.

It outlines a set of principles to:

  • Guide future provision of housing and residential lots
  • Assess the role of supporting services
  • Inform residential density reviews.

The issues and principles in the housing strategy are also used in the Local Area Planning project to address key issues within each local area.

Please download the Local housing strategy 2010 (PDF) to find out more about the 7 focus areas, namely:

  • Housing provision and needs
  • Public housing & housing affordability
  • Sustainability of the built form
  • Employment and transport
  • Climate change & energy vulnerability
  • Design qualities of infill housing
  • Directions 2031 implementation.

For further information on either the Local Housing Strategy or the Local Area Planning project please contact City Planning.

Local Housing Strategy 2010