In 2010 the City began to prepare a Concept Structure Plan for the Herdsman Glendalough Precinct which would provide a solid foundation for a formal statutory Structure Plan. The document set the vision for the area as one which will transform over time from a car dominated business park and highway corridor into an intense and well-connected mixed use precinct, characterised by high amenity for pedestrians, residents and workers.

The Concept Structure Plan was formally advertised in 2011 with the final modifications being noted by Council on 13 December 2011.

The Herdsman Business Park and Glendalough Station Transport Strategy was also prepared in 2010 as an accompanying document to the Concept Structure Plan.

In summary the Transport Strategy addresses with the following:

  • Access
  • Road Network
  • Public Transport
  • Walking and Cycling
  • Parking

In 2013 the City began preparing the Herdsman Glendalough Structure Plan and Detailed Area      Plans. These documents build upon the work previously carried out in the earlier Concept Structure Plan, and will provide the statutory framework for development to occur.

A number of supporting documents have also been prepared in conjunction with Herdsman Glendalough Structure Plan and Detailed Area Plan as per State Government Requirements. These include:

  • Community Infrastructure Plan
  • Retail Needs Assessment
  • Urban Design and Landscaping Strategy
  • Yield Analysis Report
  • Utilities Infrastructure Strategy
  • District Water Management Strategy/Local Water Management Strategy

In 2014 a Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment Request was forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission to rezone the area under the MRS from Industrial to Urban. Also in 2014, Council initiated an amendment to Local Planning Scheme No.3 (LPS3) to rezone from various zones to "development zone". Both the Structure Plan and Detailed Area Plan were advertised for public comment between January and March 2015.

Herdsman Glendalough Structure Plan

Herdsman Glendalough Detailed Area Plan 

Herdsman Glendalough Integrated Transport Strategy