The Flora Terrace Local Centre has been the subject of ongoing development over the last few years. The centre now exhibits a strong diversity in land uses, including a number of popular cafes and restaurants. However, the success of the Centre has led to a perception that this has caused parking issues.


In response to these concerns, in late 2016 the City of Stirling commenced the Flora Terrace Parking & Urban Design Study. The purpose of the Study is to examine and respond to parking and urban design considerations within the Flora Terrace local centre, as identified in the image below.

 Flora Terrace Boundary.jpg

In order to engage with the local community for the duration of the Study, the City will be organising three consultation events, as follows:


1.      Vision Workshop – held on Saturday 3 December 2016

The Vision Workshop provided a summary of planning to date and enabled discussion on the key issues and opportunities for the precinct.

 Flora Terrace Community Workshop Presentation

Flora Terrace Vision Workshop - Summary Report


2.      Design Workshop –  held on Saturday, 25 February 2017 

The Design Workshop provided an opportunity to 'drill down' to specific details, and enabled consideration of concept plans which will present options for parking and urban design requirements.

Flora Terrace Design Workshop Presentation

Flora Terrace Design Workshop - Summary Report

3.      Community Open Day – held on Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Community Open Day enabled interested members of the community to walk around and view a series of plans at their leisure. No presentations being made at this Open Day, however City of Stirling staff were be on hand to answer any questions. The documents presented at the Open Day are available to download below. 

Flora Terrace Open Day Presentation.pdf

Queries regarding the Flora Terrace Parking & Urban Design Study can be directed to the City Planning Business Unit on 9205 8555.