Major Works Update (October 2015)

Since May 2015, the City has been progressing the expansion of the northern sports field on the lower oval at Charles Riley Memorial Reserve. The aim of this works was to increase the amount of sport field area, provide new informal seating for the community and to assist in Charles Riley Memorial Reserve Master Plan.jpgmanaging turf across the reserve. The oval expansion project is complete and accessible to the public. Also the City is taking a low usage approach of allowing historical summer sport season bookings only on this expanded area to ensure the strong establishment of turf in preparation for the future high turf impact of winter sport season users and long term turf strength. Clubs directly impacted by this low usage approach have previously been made of this arrangement. 


The City has also commenced (19 October 2015) construction of the new dog exercise area which is anticipated for completion by the end of November 2015, conditional on satisfactory weather conditions during construction. This new area will provide a safe and enclosed area for dogs to play and owners to socialise.

Major Works Update (May 2015)

On Saturday 25 April 2015, the new $1.6 million City of Stirling community parkland was open to the public. Located at the north-western corner of the reserve (off Kitchener Street), the attractive new parkland features:

  • a large shaded children's play area that includes a flying fox and functional play public artCharles Riley Memorial Reserve  playground.jpg
  • relocated and upgraded war memorial
  • sheltered tables and seating
  • barbecues
  • drink fountain/s
  • large grassed informal play area 
  • day time public toilets in the nearby Stirling Community Centres – North Beach and
  • is connected to the internal reserve path network.

The relocated war memorial and lone pine tree is now centrally located within the community parkland which will improve community exposure and awareness of the significant sacrifice local residents have made for Australian in past wars. In addition to refurbishment of the existing plinth and surrounds, a new memorial wall and garden bed have been installed.   

Construction of the expanded northern sport oval has begun and is currently anticipated to be completed in November 2015.                               

Major Works Update (October 2014)

The construction phase of the new multi use community and sport facility on Charles Riley Memorial Reserve has been completed and the City is now in the building testing and fit out phase. The official public opening of the facility will be Saturday 8th November 2014 with a Community Open Day culminating in activities for the children as well as an opportunity to visit the City's newest Community Centre.

The City is also taking expression of interest on bookings of the new community centre. If you are interested in making a booking, please contact the Stirling Leisure Centres – Booking Team on 9205 8489. Also the external public toilets attached to the building are now open to reserve Charles Riley Memorial Reserve indoorsusers during day light hours.

The northern Kitchener Street car park expansion works were completed and open to the public in August 2014.

Construction of the community parkland has begun and is currently anticipated to be completed by March 2015.

Construction of the dog exercise area will occur in late 2015 to integrate with other planned site works.

Major Works Update (April 2014)

The next key stage of works as part of the implementation of the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve Master Plan is nearing. The City is preparing for the start of construction works to expand the northern Kitchener Street car park which services the lower oval area.

The north western corner (Area 3 - Expanded car park and Area 4 - Future community parkland areas) of the reserve will be closed from Monday 19 May 2014 to early September 2014 as civil / ground works and integration between the two areas will be occurring. Following the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve entrancecompletion of the car park expansion works, this area will reopen to the public.

The community parkland works are anticipated to occur between August 2014 and March 2015. Area 4 will be closed off to the public during this period of time.

As a result of these car park expansion works, the following temporary arrangements will be put in place:

  • Alternative parking is available from the southern Kitchener Street entry point (near the bowling club), the North Beach Road and Wendling Road car parks
  • Access to the Our Lady of Grace Church drop zone/horse shoe road will be maintained
  • The northern car park pedestrian entry point to the school will be temporarily closed during the car park expansion works
  • Pedestrians will be diverted to the opposite side of Kitchener and North Beach Road during these works
  • Access for construction vehicles during the community facility construction (May 2014 to July 2014) will be through the southern Kitchener Street entry.

A minor expansion of the southern edge of the new facility construction zone into the existing car park is required. This is to allow integration between the car park and facility works and sufficient secured space for facility construction support infrastructure. Based on the anticipated Charles Riley Memorial ovalproject timeframes this expansion will be in place for approximately 3 months (May 2014 to July 2014).

Please find attached an updated fencing aerial visually explaining this information. The facility southern fence slight expansion is indicative only.

The City has aimed to as best as possible, reduce the potential impact on reserve users in a safe manner. It is a priority of the City to ensure the highest level of safety for reserve users especially with the significant number of children and primary school students that use this reserve and adjoining area. The City appreciates your patience and understanding and hopes that through these updates that this will assist the community in the planning of any future events on or around the construction zone.

Charles Riley Reserve Major Projects fencing

Major Works Update (December 2013)

Works have been progressing well on the reserve.

In early October 2013, the replacement of the irrigation system on the main sport field on the lower oval was completed, ahead of schedule. Originally it was planned to relocate the little athletics and cricket clubs for their first two weeks of training/fixtures. As the works were completed ahead of time, they did not have to relocate and therefore the clubs were not impacted on. Initial comments on the turf have been that it is an improvement, primarily due to the new irrigation system.

The demolition of the two existing buildings and construction of the new multi use community and sport facility is at approximately 50% completion. The following has been completed:

  • the football/cricket clubrooms and community (Apex) hall have been demolished and both sites levelled out
  • the new building footprint earthworks and terracing has been completed
  • gas, water, sewer, telecommunications piping/lines have been pre-layed to the building footprint
  • the slab has been poured and
  • the outside tilt up concrete panel walls and major steel works have been put in place.

The construction of the facility is currently on schedule and is still anticipated to be completed by July 2014. Following construction completion, fit out and compliance testing will occur and its is currently anticipated that the public will be able to access the building in September/October 2014.

The next major project is the lower oval western car park expansion works. This is currently scheduled to commence in May 2014.

Temporary Road Closures - Kitchener and Hamersley Streets (September 2013)

As a part of the construction of the new multi use and community sport facility the services to the site will need to be upgraded. One of these services is the sewerage system with a new run from Hamersley Street to the new facility site on the reserve. This run will be constructed in two stages. The first stage will be along Hamersley Street, then north and across Kitchener Street to south of the existing war memorial. The second stage will be from south of the war memorial across the former Apex Hall car park to the building footprint. The first stage is scheduled to occurCharles Riley Memorial Reserve Construction between Monday 23 September and Sunday 13 October 2013. During this period of time, road closures and rerouting of vehicles is required to ensure the safety of workers and the community. The specific arrangements will be:

Between Monday 30 September and Friday 11 October weekdays during the day (7am and 5pm) a road closure will be required along Kitchener Street between Beachton and Hamersley Streets (including the Our Lady of Grace Church entry and exit roads) and along Hamersley Street between Kitchener and Short Streets. Therefore vehicles will be rerouted along Hamersley/Short/Beachton/Wilberforce/Edward/West Coast Drive and North Beach Roads. Please find attached drawings of these road closures and detours.

Between Monday 30 September and Friday 11 October weekdays during the night (5pm and 7am) works will be backfilled and vehicles will be able to access Kitchener and Hamersley Streets.

On the weekends of 28 and 29 September, 5 and 6 October and 12 and 13 October 2013, vehicles will be able to access Kitchener and Hamersley Streets.

The City has aimed to time this works during the school holidays and weekday daylight hours to reduce the level of potential impact on the surrounding community.

Major Works (July 2013)

The City of Stirling conducted extensive consultation, research and planning that culminated in Council adoption of the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve Master Plan in 2008. The aim of this master plan is to ultimately improve the level of community amenity and benefit this reserve is able to provide and to accommodate the future sport, recreational and environmental needs of North Beach and the surrounding communities.

Since its adoption, further detailed project planning, consultation, design work and construction has occurred and Charles Riley Memorial Reserve, North Beach is now set to under go further significant works to various aspects of the reserve over the next two financial years.

The set of works scheduled and current anticipated timings, conditional on Council budget approval are:

Schedule of Works Anticipated Construction Timings
1New Multi Use Community and Sports FacilityMid July 2013 to July 2014 12 months
1aApex Hall DemolitionAugust 2013 to September 20131 month
1bNew Facility Utility ConnectionDate to be confirmed following builder being on site1 month
2Lower Oval Irrigation UpgradeMid July 2013 to late October 20133 1/2 months
3Car Park ExpansionMay 2014 to August 20144 months
4New Community ParklandAugust 2014 to March 20158 months
5Oval ExpansionMay 2015 to October 20156 month

New Multi Use Community and Sport Facility / Apex Hall Demolition / Utility Connection (July 2013 to July 2014)

These works will consist of initial demolition of the existing Apex Hall and Football / Cricket Clubrooms followed by construction of the new Multi Use Community and Sport Facility (including public and accessible toilets and public bookable rooms) on this reserve.

Lower Oval Irrigation Upgrade (Mid July 2013 to Late October 2013)

As the existing irrigation system on the lower oval main field is at the end of its lifecycle, this time of the year is the optimal time for turf regrowth and no seasonal use of this area is occurring due to the new facility construction, the replacement of this irrigation system has been scheduled to begin in mid July 2013.

Car Park Expansion (May 2014 to August 2014)

The northern section of the existing western car park has been identified for expansion due to the anticipated increase in use with the new facility, expanded oval and new parkland and the need to improve the safety of the northern entry point into this car park.

New Community Parkland (August 2014 to March 2015)

The proposed community parkland encompasses a range of community activities and includes relocating and upgrading the war memorial, construction of a new playground and associated picnic / BBQ areas, construction of a dog exercise area and completion of an oval circuit path.

Oval Expansion (May 2014 to October 2015)

The main purpose of the expansion is to alleviate existing use pressure for Australian Rules football and athletics and better manage turf wear and tear across the lower oval.

To further assist your understanding of these arrangements please find documentation attached:

Charles Riley Memorial Reserve - Construction Schedule
Charles Riley Memorial Reserve - Fencing Plan and Construction Extents
Charles Riley Memorial Reserve - Construction Schedule

As can be seen by the above, the scheduled construction over the next two years across this public open space is significant, complex and interlinked, although the City has aimed as best as possible to reduce the potential impact on reserve users in a safe manner. It is a priority of the City to ensure the highest level of safety for reserve users.

The City appreciates your patience and understanding during the construction phase and hopes that through this notification and future updates that this will assist you in the planning of any future use on or around the construction zones at Charles Riley Memorial Reserve.