Detailed Area Plans for Precincts C and D of the structure plan area were adopted by Council at their meeting on 19 November 2013. The detailed area plans provide the development standards for dwelling design on these lots.


Detailed Area Plan (Precinct C)

Detailed Area Plan (Precinct D)

Approved Detailed Area Plan (2 Gemstone Boulevard Carine)

The Carine Vision Structure Plan is bounded by Marmion Avenue, Almadine Drive, Silica Road and Emerald Way, Carine, at the former Carine TAFE site. Project developers for the site are Landcorp, Cedar Woods Properties and St Ives Group.Carine Vision Structure Plan.bmp

The proposal is for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Project Site for the purposes of a retirement village, residential aged care, a mixed use (support retain, office and medical uses) and general residential development in the form of medium and high density housing. The redevelopment concept stems from a Project Vision, the 'Carine Vision – A Place for All Ages', built on the City of Stirling's own Carine-Hamersley Local Area Plan.

The former Carine TAFE campus has historically functioned as a local Activity Centre. This status will be retained but refocuses as a centre for aged care and still offering local employment opportunities. The Project Team has sought to ensure that the Local Structure Plan is responsive to and addresses community objectives by setting up a Stakeholder Reference Group.

The Carine Vision Structure Plan was approved by the Council on 1 May 2012 and by the Western Australian Planning Commision on 27 November 2012.

For further information about the Carine Vision project, please see the Carine Vision Local Structure Plan below.

Carine Vision Local Structure Plan

Appendix 1 - Spring Flora and Vegetation Survey

Appendix 2 - Carine Vision Community Bulletins

Appendix 3 - Carine Area - Community Needs Study and Dept Health

Appendix 4 - Mixed Use - Economic Impact Analysis

Appendix 5 - Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix 6 - Local Water Management Strategy