The City of Stirling is continually improving our cityscape for the benefit, convenience and comfort of our residents and visitors. Find out about our current projects.

Beaufort Street Activity Corridor

The project aims to improve Beaufort Street's pedestrian and urban amenity, and to expand the 'Local Character' of the iconic street. The study will produce a clear plan for land-use and transport and explore opportunities to stimulate activity and encourage development in keeping with the character of Beaufort Street.
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Better Suburbs

The City of Stirling has initiated the Better Suburbs project to improve the suburbs of Balga, Dianella (north of Morley Drive), Nollamara, Mirrabooka and Westminster. 

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Charles Riley Memorial Reserve - Master Plan Works

The City of Stirling conducted extensive consultation, research and planning that culminated in Council adopting the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve Master Plan in 2008.
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Flora Terrace Urban Design Parking Study

The Flora Terrace Local Centre has been the subject of ongoing development over the last few years. The centre now exhibits a strong diversity in land uses, including a number of popular cafes and restaurants. However, the success of the centre has led to a perception that this has caused parking issues.

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Integrated Cycling Strategy (ICS)

The City of Stirling's draft Integrated Cycling Strategy (ICS) sits under the Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) and provides more detail on how the strategic objectives of the ITS, in relation to cycling can be achieved.
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Community Parks Development Program

The City of Stirling encourages the use of parks and reserves for social, physical and environmental health, and continually redevelops our parks to ensure enjoyable open spaces are available to the community..  Find out more about the program.
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Dianella Community Playspace

In May 2008, Council endorsed the Dianella Regional Open Space Master Plan. One of the strategies is the development of a community playspace.
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Herdsman Glendalough Precinct

The Concept Structure Plan was formally advertised in 2011 with the final modifications being noted by Council on 13 December 2011. Find out more about the project.
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Main Street, Osborne Park Urban Design Study

In 2016, the City of Stirling in conjunction with Village Well, prepared a Vision & Activation Strategy for the Main Street centre. In preparing the Strategy it was identified that the potential success of the centre is impeded by the poor urban design context in which the existing buildings have been developed.

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Mirrabooka Town Centre

The City of Stirling is undertaking a multi-million dollar revitalisation program for the Mirrabooka Regional Centre (MRC) as part of an overall Improvement Strategy.
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Parks capital works

Every year, the City of Stirling has a budget of more than $4 million dollars for improvement and maintenance works in parks and reserves. Members of the public are invited to submit requests in writing. Find out more about parks capital works.
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The City of Stirling is collaborating with communities to create unique and dynamic local places by activating streets and public spaces.

Princess Wallington Community Parkland

In September 2013, Council endorsed the City of Stirling's Skate and BMX Facility Strategy which identified the need for a skate and BMX facility at Princess Wallington Reserve, Balga. The City will now commence detailed design and community engagement for the Community Parkland project. This is required to prepare the project documentation to meet the scheduled construction date in 2018/2019.
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Recreation Open Space Plans

The City of Stirling is committed to the planning and management of our public open spaces and has drawn up recreation/sport/environmental plans for key reserves. Find out more about the plans.
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Rights of way management strategy

The City of Stirling's Rights of Way Management Strategy sets out a framework for the management of rights-of-way and dedicated lanes. Of the five categories, the first three categories of rights-of-ways and dedicated lanes will undergo improvement works, and others will be closed
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Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor

In May 2008, the City of Stirling and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure established the Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor project. The first part of the project was to undertake the Scarborough Beach Road Action Plan.
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Scarborough Redevelopment

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in collaboration with the City of Stirling continues to revitalise and redevelop the Scarborough beach and the surrounding area.
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Stirling City Centre redevelopment

The City of Stirling, in partnership with the Western Australian Planning Commission, aims to transform the Stirling City Centre into an integrated and modern, mixed-use, and transit-oriented centre around the Stirling train station.
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Underground power project

State Underground Power Program (SUPP) works in Coolbinia were subsidised 50% by the State Government and the other 50% of costs were recovered from property owners who benefited from the project. Find out more about the SUPP works.
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