The Carine-Hamersley Local Area Project was part of the Local Area Planning programme, being conducted during 2007 and 2008.

Community engagement with the Carine-Hamersley Local Area took place around June 2007 with over 800 local residents, property owners, business proprietors, resident groups and community organisations taking part in either a community survey or community forums. The information gathered from this engagement enabled the identification of priorities and preferences for the area in addition to the development of a shared community vision for the area.

Council adopted the Carine-Hamersley Local Area Plan in September 2008 and an ongoing Action and Implementation Program was developed and endorsed by Executive in early 2009, to achieve the objectives of the Local Area Plan. For further information regarding Local Area Implementation Plans please call the Local Area Planning team on 9205 8555.

Community Vision

In the year 2020 the Carine-Hamersley Area is a place for everyone. While the peaceful, safe residential character of the place remains, a wider range of housing types means families, young people and seniors can all find opportunities to live well and make friends. Meeting places and activities have allowed a strong sense of community to develop. Sustainable transport options enable people to travel easily around the area and access places for relaxing and socialising both during the day and in the evening. Carine-Hamersley has become distinguished by the quality of its natural environment, as native plantings enable the place to flourish within its natural capacity, and green, leafy streets lead the way to high quality open space that provides a heart for the Local Area.

Carine and Hamersley Local Area Plan