The City of Stirling has a number of heritage properties, many of which are in the protection areas of Inglewood, Mt Lawley and Menora.

Development on Heritage Properties

heritage properties Here you can access summary information on requirements for development on heritage properties in residential areas, including approvals required and the application process.

Heritage Awards and Heritage Site Markers

The City of Stirling's heritage management strategy is complimented by an incentives and promotion program that seeks to encourage a positive image of the City's heritage. Two projects under the program are the heritage awards and the heritage site markers.
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Heritage Grants

The City of Stirling recognises that our heritage buildings form an essential part of our community. The Heritage Grants fund has been developed to demonstrate the City of Stirling's commitment to landowners who want to contribute to the retention and enhancement of the buildings listed on the City's Heritage List.
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Heritage Management Strategy

 The Heritage Management Strategy (adopted 8 November 2016) seeks to ensure the City manages and protects its heritage in a coordinated way and identifies specific actions to achieve this in an innovative and effective manner.

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Heritage Protection Areas

To ensure heritage character is retained, protected and reflected in any new development, Inglewood, Mt Lawley and Menora are classified as Heritage Protection Areas within the City of Stirling. Find out more about our Heritage Protection Area and Character Retention Guidelines.
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Heritage List

As part of the City of Stirling's heritage management strategy, a Heritage List is used to identify those places in the Local Government Heritage Inventory that are of cultural significance and worthy of conservation.
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Local Government Heritage Inventory

A list of places that the City of Stirling community see as important and/or representative of their heritage has been collated into the Local Government Heritage Inventory.
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State Register of Heritage Places

The State Register of Heritage Places is a list of places given protection under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990. Find out how to access the register.
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