A list of places that the City of Stirling community see as important and/or representative of their heritage has been collated into the Local Government Heritage Inventory. Mount Lawley Bowling Club.jpg
Under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 every Local Government Authority within Western Australia is required to prepare, and periodically review, a Local Government Heritage Inventory.

A Local Government Heritage Inventory in its simplest form is a list of places that the community see as important and/or representative of their heritage.  These places may have aesthetic, historic, social or scientific value.

In 1997, the City Council adopted the City of Stirling Municipal Inventory.  This was derived from a database of over 1200 properties which was categorised from Category One—Conservation Essential, through Category Two—Conservation Recommended, to Category Four–Possible Future Heritage Value.

At the time of adoption, there were 640 properties listed on the Municipal Inventory, 35 in Category One (a portion of these were used to form the Heritage List) and 605 in Category Two.  These numbers were subsequently reduced when the City lost the suburb of Maylands to the City of Bayswater in 1998.

In 2014, a review of the Municipal Inventory was completed for properties outside of the City's Heritage Protection Area of Mount Lawley, Menora and Inglewood.  The inventory was also renamed the 'Local Government Heritage Inventory'.

For more information regarding the Local Government Heritage Inventory please contact the City Planning Unit via email or phone by calling (08) 9205 8555.