To ensure heritage character is retained, protected and reflected in any new development, Inglewood, Mt Lawley and Menora are classified as Heritage Protection Areas within the City of Stirling.

The retention of heritage buildings, gardens and streetscapes is important, as these are the features that give the municipality its special heritage character.

Given the above, the City of Stirling has established three Heritage Protection Areas:

  • Inglewood
  • Mt Lawley
  • Menora

Some buildings in these areas are included on the City's Heritage List and Local Government Heritage Inventory , but many more contribute to the character of each area.

Local Planning Scheme No 3 outlines the intent of the Heritage Protection Areas, which is to ensure that their heritage character is retained and protected, as well as being reflected in new development. New buildings, where they occur, should be designed to fit into the existing streetscape, and be designed in a similar style, scale and proportions to the existing heritage buildings. 


The main objectives of the Heritage Protection Areas are to:

  • Ensure the retention of buildings in the areas dating from the early 1900s to the 1950s where the architectural style of the building is generally intact
  • Ensure that new structures, alterations and additions are in keeping with the heritage character, scale and proportions of surrounding buildings, and designed to fit into the existing streetscape
  • Maintain and improve existing street trees, grass verges and front gardens
  • Retain mature trees wherever possible
  • Provide a framework for the assessment of development applications in line with the above points

The City has Character Retention Guidelines for the Heritage Protection Areas which outline standards specific to each area.

For further information please contact the City's Approvals Unit via or on (08) 9205 8555.