Heritage Site Markers

The City of Stirling's Heritage Site Marker programme is aimed at raising community awareness of local heritage. The markers identify sites which were once the location of a significant building, place or landmark that has since been demolished or is no longer recognisable. Acknowledging these sites is one way of raising community awareness of local heritage.

The markers are made of metal and are usually fixed into the pavement or wall adjacent to the site. They include an image and textual description relevant to the historical significance of the site.


In 2016, the following site markers were commissioned:

Charles Riley Memorial Reserve (North Beach)

Charles Riley lost his life while involved in rescue operations at Watermans Bay on 3 September 1954. He had taken a line out to a dinghy which was in trouble while attempting to rescue three girls carried out to sea in the heavy undertow.  Although the dinghy was swamped, those aboard reached shore safely. However, when Charles's line became tangled in a weed bank he became submerged, and when finally pulled ashore he failed to respond to resuscitation.


Mount Flora Museum (Watermans Bay)

The Mount Flora Museum is housed in a water tank built in 1940 for water storage. During World War II the water tank lookout was used by the Defence Forces as a coastal observation post. The water tank was decommissioned in 1971, and later converted to a museum which opened on 13 March 1988. 


Beaucott Building (Mt Lawley)

Named after its location on the north-east intersection of Beaufort and Walcott Streets, the Beaucott Building was originally built as a simple complex of shops and residences in the earliest days of Mount Lawley. The building was then extensively remodelled and refurbished in the Art Deco style in the 1930s, and has since then been an integral part of the business and social fabric of the Mount Lawley area.


For more information regarding the City's Heritage Awards or Heritage Site Markers please contact the City Planning Unit via email at stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au or by calling (08) 9205 8555.