​The Heritage Management Strategy has been prepared in order to provide guidance on how the City will further enhance its approach to heritage management. The Strategy provides a clear and concise commitment and approach to the management of heritage assets.

An Action Plan has been included as part of the Heritage Management Strategy and identifies specific actions (Initiatives) under each of the four themes of the Strategy.  These being:


      • Understanding - the City will seek to identify, assess and document its heritage in line with the principles and practices of the Burra Charter.


      • Protecting - the City will safeguard its heritage for current and future generations by maintaining and reviewing its Heritage Protection Areas, Heritage List and associated policies.


      • Sustaining  - the City will continue to build partnerships and capability amongst the broad range of stakeholders involved in its heritage in order to share knowledge and expertise and provide incentives and resources to help sustain its heritage outcomes. The City will continue to maintain and expand the City's community heritage museum (Mount Flora Museum) as a record of its rich and diverse history.


      • Celebrating - the City will celebrate and promote its heritage through its biennial heritage awards and other events in order to promote local distinctness and those places/stories/events which help shape the on-going evolution of the City.


The Heritage Management Strategy encapsulates what is needed to manage the City's heritage for future generations and has a strong focus on collaboration and developing partnership to strengthen efforts and streamline resources amongst a broad range of stakeholders.


Heritage Management Strategy (As Adopted 8 Nov 2016)