Schemes, policies, codes and legislationDevelopment

Here you can access the City of Stirling's Local Planning Scheme No.3. Information on legislation related to planning and development is also provided here. Go to Schemes, policies, codes and legislation

Fees, forms and information sheets

Here you can access fact sheets, application forms and information about fees related to planning and development of private land in the City of Stirling. Go to Fees, forms and information sheets

Development assessment panel applications

Find out about how to lodge a development assessment panel (DAP) application. Access to information about DAPS, forms, application process, timeframes, fees, and how make an appeal are provided here. Go to Development assessment panel applications

Economic development

The City of Stirling has experienced strong economic growth with Gross Regional Product (GRP) currently at $12.35 billion. The total value added by our economy is estimated at $11.29 billion representing 7.4 % of Greater Perth, and 4.5 % of Western Australia.
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Environment and health

Find out about health and environment issues and requirements related to planning and development in the City of Stirling. Information on acid sulfate soils, asbestos, food premises, noise, pollution and sustainable building design is available here.

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The City of Stirling has a number of heritage properties, many of which are in the protection areas of Inglewood, Mt Lawley and Menora. Find out the guidelines and assistance programs for redevelopment of heritage sites. Go to Heritage

Road reserves and crossovers

Find out about the City of Stirling's requirements for people who wish to do work in the road reserve, including crossovers, using verges for building development work, private connection to services and reinstatement of concrete footpaths. Information on crossover subsidies is also available here. Go to Road reserves and crossovers

Subdivision and rezoning

This section provides information on subdivision of land and rezoning for both residential and commercial/industrial areas in the City of Stirling. Go to Subdivision and rezoning

Swimming pools and spas

All pools and spas holding over 300m of water in the City of Stirling are required to have building approval and compliant safety barriers. Inflatable pools capable of holding over 300 mm of water also require approval and safety barriers. Find out more about safety guidelines and requirements. Information on pool removal is also available here. Go to Swimming pools and spas

Verge permits

A verge permit entitles you to use the City of Stirling's verge for temporarily parking vehicles, storing materials, accessing private property from the road or locating a bulk bin. Find out more about verge permits and how to obtain one. Go to Verge permits

Businesses, commercial and industrial

Find out about City of Stirling policies and laws related to building or renovating commercial property, food premises, home based businesses, liquor licences and advertising signage. Go to Business, commercial and industrial


This section provides information about residential properties. Find out about licence and approves for building or renovating, and what you need to know about trees on private properties. Go to Residential


The City of Stirling is continually improving our cityscape for the benefit, convenience and comfort of our residents and visitors. Find out about our current projects. Go to Projects


Click on the below document to view information on successful prosecutions taken by the City at the Perth Magistrates Court under the Planning and Development Act 2005, Building Act 2011, Building Regulations 2012, Land Administration Act 1997, Local Government Act 1995 and Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2009 since January 2015.
Prosecution Summaries

Local Planning Strategy

The  Local Planning Strategy will set out the vision and long-term planning direction for our City over the next decade and beyond. Go to Local Planning Strategy