The City of Stirling has a reputation for consulting with its community on a broad range of issues. We regularly advertise for community feedback on projects, plans and proposals and the way we do business in general.

What is community consultation?

Community consultation is gathering views and opinion, building consensus and making decisions.

The City of Stirling's planning consultation procedure is used to ensure that our community and stakeholders are effectively consulted prior to decision making, in accordance with planning and development regulations, or to gain public input on important community initiatives.

Download a copy of the Planning Consultation Procedure or Consultation on Planning Proposals Information sheet, which includes information regarding:

  • Statutory requirements
  • Means and duration of advertising
  • Re-advertising of proposals not yet determined
  • Previously approved proposals and use
  • Variations for significant applications
  • Presentation of responses to the Council
  • Submission categories
  • Definitions.

Planning Consultation Procedure

Consultation on Planning Proposals Information Sheet

How to get involved in community consultation?

If you would like to be informed of any changes to the City's Local Planning Policies, Local Planning Scheme or other Planning Strategies please subscribe to the City Planning - Modifications to Planning Framework eNewsletter.

Why is there a need for consultation?

The Local Government Act 1995 requires public consultation prior to approval of many applications made to the City Council. Certain documents must be made available for periods of public comment.