The City of Stirling has an extensive network of shared paths, on-road bike lanes, and quiet residential streets ideal for cycling and walking. Find out about walking and cycling to get around the City.

Map Your Move

The City of Stirling's  Map Your Move guides contain all the information you need to plan a journey bike bike or by foot in your local area. Maps can be downloaded online but are currently not available in hard copy.

When riding, please remember that bicycles are treated as vehicles under the law and subject to the same road rules as cars. Please obey all traffic signals, and give way to pedestrians when using shared paths.

 Map Your Move Stirling East 

Map Your Move Stirling West 

Perth Bicycle Network Maps

Perth Bicycle Network Maps show cycling routes across the whole Peth Metro area. These large maps are no longer available in hard copy but can be downloaded.

PBN Map for Stirling-Joondalup