Perth has a world-class public transport system that is safe, convenient and easy to use. In peak periods, travel by public transport is less stressful and can take less than half the time that travel by car does. Find out about catching buses and trains to get around the City of Stirling and surrounds.

Train lines and frequency

Five train lines connect Perth city with major centres around the metropolitan area, and a network of bus routes provide travel options within suburban areas.

Trains run every 5 minutes (or more often) during peak times, and every 15 minutes the rest of the day. Many high frequency bus routes run every 15 minutes throughout the day, making taking the bus just as easy and convenient as taking the train.


Priority seating is available for seniors and those with mobility needs, and bikes can travel with you free of charge on trains outside of peak periods.

All trains and many bus routes are accessible to wheelchairs and prams: details of accessible services are available from Transperth.


Security Officers patrol the trains to ensure passenger comfort, and bus and train stations as well as buses and train themselves, are monitored by CCTV.

Car parks

Park and Ride facilities are provided for both cars and bicycles at train stations and some bus stations. Many major train stations are bus interchange points, allowing passengers to change between transport modes with ease.

Cash tickets can be bought from ticket machines at train stations and from your bus driver.


SmartRider is the cheapest and easiest way to travel by public transport. It's a value storage card that can be use on buses, trains and the ferry, so you don't have to carry cash or work out your fare – your SmartRider will do that for you. Simply tag on at the start of your journey, tag off at your destination, and the fare is automatically deducted from your SmartRider.

You can add credit to your SmartRider by direct debit and earn a 25% discount off the cash fare; or by BPAY, Add-Value Machines, at SmartRider Retail Outlets (located at major bus and train stations) or from the bus driver to earn a 15% discount.

Map Your Move

The City of Stirling's Map Your Move maps can help you to plan your journey by public transport. Showing bus routes and community facilities such as shops, schools and places of interest, they are an invaluable guide to getting around Stirling. Download them here.

Map Your Move Stirling East
Map Your Move Stirling West 


Transperth provides numerous ways to access timetables and route information including:

  • SMS
  • Telephone or mobile
  • Smartphone
  • Website.

To find out more visit the Transperth's website, or call them on 13 62 13.

Get on board program

The Get On Board program is run by Transperth to assist groups of people unfamiliar with public transport to learn how to use it.

A trained Transperth Education Officer will guide you through the processes involved in using Perth's public transport system, such as working out which services you need, how to buy a ticket, how to change between transport modes, and much more.

To find out more visit the TransPerth's , website or call them on 13 62 13.