Sometimes there are better ways of getting around other than in a car. The City of Stirling's TravelSmart program can help you to walk, cycle or catch public transport around our beautiful City more often. Find out more about cycling, walking and using public transport. City of Stirling's TravelSmart program

Buses and trains

Perth has a world-class public transport system that is safe, convenient and easy to use. In peak periods, travel by public transport is less stressful and can take less than half the time that travel by car does. Find out about catching buses and trains to get around the City of Stirling and surrounds.

Cycling and walking to get around

The City of Stirling has an extensive network of shared paths, on-road bike lanes, and quiet residential streets ideal for cycling and walking. Find out about walking and cycling to get around the City.

TravelSmart workplaces

Many workplaces are encouraging their staff to cycle, walk, or catch public transport instead of driving to work. The Department of Transport's TravelSmart Workplace program can provide advice information and support to workplaces. 

TravelSmart schools

Children love walking and cycling to school, but often don't get a chance to travel this way much. The Department of Transports Travelsmart to School program can provide support and assistance to schools wanting to reduce congestion and encourage walking and cycling to school instead.