This page provides general statistics about the City of Stirling. Access to more detailed economic, community and population profiles and statistics is also available here.

General statistics

The City of Stirling has a population of over 210,000 and a rich, diverse natural and physical landscape covering approximately 104 sq km, including:

    • 6.5 km of coastline
    • 627 ha of parks, gardens and developed reserves
    • 616 ha of natural bushland
    • 30 suburbs, from Railway Parade, Mount Lawley in the east, to Scarborough, Trigg, North Beach and Waterman in the west.
    • 1,118 km of roads
    • 984 km of footpaths
    • 91,500 rated properties.

City of Stirling profile

The City of Stirling has purchased a subscription to REMPLAN which provides members of the public to a range of insightful information about the City of Stirling and its demographics. REMPLAN provides access to detailed demographic data for 1991 to 2011 Census years. This information is can be accessed through the community profileeconomy profile and investment profile