Find ideas for sustainability in your workplace.

​Green Workplace

Having a greener workplace can save your business money, raise the perception of the company, and also increase the health and happiness of your employees.

Responsible Cafes Program 

For information about the program and how to register visit

Saving Water

The Water Corporation provides a range of information to save water at all sorts of workplaces including office buildings, schools and tertiary education, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. They also provide water efficiency programs and training courses, including the Waterwise Office Program.

For more information visit the Water Corporation website.

Saving Energy

Saving energy in the workplace is similar to the home (depending what type of workplace you have). Visit the In your home page for some ideas that may be applicable also.

Some ways to save energy in the workplace include:

  • Set air-con to cool in summer at no less than 24C, and warm in winter at no more than 20C. Ensure it's not on during non-work days.
  • Switch off lights and consider installing sensor lights so they can't be accidently left on. 
  • Switch off computers at the end of every day and switch off the monitors also.
  • Switch off appliances at the wall to reduce the drain of standby power (can add up to 10% each year!)
  • Use LED lighting instead of incandescent lightbulbs or halogen down lights.
  • Reduce the number of small appliances. e.g. multiple coffee machines, personal desk fans and heaters.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances and look after them (clean, service and ensure working properly to save energy)
  • During quiet periods (e.g. Christmas and new year holidays) consider switching off most lifts, escalators, and air-conditioning.
  • Consider the installation of renewable energy (e.g. solar PV, wind turbine, geothermal).

 Some more energy tips here on the Your Energy Savings website.

Waste and Recycling

 As paper is one of the biggest outputs of most workplaces, here's some tips to reduce paper use:

  • Use only 100% recycled paper
  • Avoid printing - switch to digital processes (e.g. track changes, digital signature)
  • Always print double sided
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, magazines and newspaper

Read more articles about reducing paper waste and print management strategies here.

More information about waste and recycling on the In your home page is also relevant for office type workplaces.

More information about Commercial and Industrial Waste