Gnalla Pop-up Plaza

Come enjoy the Gnalla Pop-up Plaza at Nollamara Shopping Centre!

'Gnalla’ is the Indigenous word for ‘our’, and is the name of the Pop-up Plaza that has been created under the beautiful, shady Ficus trees at Nollamara Shopping Centre.

To facilitate the Pop-up Plaza, one of the entrances to the Nollamara Shopping Centre from Nollamara Avenue will be closed. The Shopping Centre can still be accessed from Nollamara Avenue near the Carcoola St roundabout and from Hillsborough Drive and Sylvia Street.

The City held a number of events in the space for the community and are now encouraging local traders and families to use the space for their own events by clicking the icon below. 


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  • Are you a stallholder? 

    We'd love to have you join in on the fun. 

    Designated market spaces will provide an opportunity to build the local economy through markets and retail opportunities. This will give local businesses an opportunity to sell there products locally, expand they customer base and their business. 

    Opening hours for market stalls are from:

    • Monday to Thursday - 8am to 7pm
    • Friday - 1pm to 7pm
    • Saturday - 9am to 7pm
    • Sunday - 10am to 6pm.
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  • Market Site Locations

    16 free market site locations can be booked by the local community.

    Before booking your stall, check which bay it fits into:

    • Market stalls all except 13 and 16
    • Food market stalls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11, 12
    • Food truck 13
    • Performers 16.

    Marquees are not provided. Please bring your own if one is required.

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  • Concept - Gnalla Pop Up Plaza

    The Pop-Up is an economic development initiative that came from survey feedback the City received on the Better Suburbs project area. When the community was asked how we could improve the public places they meet at, 40% of respondents said they wanted the City to create public plazas.

    With that in mind, the City set about creating a public plaza that included 15 Market Stall spaces to ensure the space was sufficiently activated and could provide economic opportunities for local people to trade.

    Gnalla Pop-Up Plaza is designed to be a community led initiative to give retailers and residents ownership into rejuvenating Nollamara Shopping Centre so that it can be shared and enjoyed by all.

    The Pop-Up is operating as a trial so the City can test the plaza concept and survey residents, shop owners and market stall operators. The data gathered during the trial will assist the City in measuring the benefits of the Pop-Up Plaza to the community and how the space could evolve into a permanent plaza into the future.

Gnalla Pop up plaza

Brought to you by RAC

The Gnalla Pop-up Plaza project is being delivered in partnership with RAC, through its Reconnect WA initiative, which aims to create vibrant streets and public spaces for Western Australians to interact and connect with each other.

Top tip

Getting to Gnalla Pop-up Plaza - we encourage residents to walk, ride or use public transport to get to the event as parking is limited.

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