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Business grants

The City currently has two types of grants available for businesses: E-Business Innovation Grants and Shopfront Improvement Grants.

The City's Grant Program is changing

The City's Grant Program is changing, for more information, please visit the grants and sponsorship page.

E-Business Innovation Grants

The City is offering grants of up to $5,000 to encourage local business innovation to implement projects that improve and grow the business using technology.

Applications are now closed. The deadline for applications was Friday 28 October 2022.

What do the E-Business Innovation Grants fund?

The E-Business Innovation Grants program aims to encourage business innovation by supporting projects that improve and grow local businesses using technology. Grants can support a range of activities including:

  • Enhanced E-Commerce activities
  • Online platform, content and app development
  • Game development
  • Development of smart products and service
  • Other activities which address the objective and scope of the program.

For more detail on the program refer to the E-Business Innovation Grants Funding Guidelines.

Am I eligible?

Applicants will be eligible for only one grant.

Proposals must meet the following:

  • The Business must:
    • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • employ under 20 full time equivalent staff
    • be based in the City of Stirling
    • match funding received from the City.
  • The Proposal is ready to begin and be completed within the current Financial Year 2022/2023.

A number of exclusions also apply. Please read the E-Business Innovation Grant Guidelines for further information.

How do I make an application?

The City uses the Smarty Grants system to administer its grants and sponsorship activities.

The application process includes an eligibility check and highlights the need for businesses to at least match the funding requested from the City i.e. you must be prepared to make a contribution to the project to receive a grant from the City.

Eligible applications will be assessed and rated against the following criteria:

  1. Planning: the application demonstrates how the project aligns with program objective to “develop new innovative processes to the benefit of the business and, or local economy.”
  2. Viability: the likelihood of the applicant to deliver a product / service that is market ready and financially viable.
  3. Sustainability: the project develops initiatives that will assist the business to grow and develop and be sustainable post-funding.
  4. Business improvement: the project results in business innovation using technology to improve the prospects of the business and creates future employment opportunities.

To request an E-Business Innovation Grant from the City apply through Smarty Grants.

Applications close Friday 28 October 2022.

Shopfront Improvement Grants

The City is offering Shopfront Improvement Grants to facilitate small-scale improvements that enhance the destination and visitor experience for shops in the City’s centres.

Applications are now open for the 2022/23 Shopfront Improvement Grants Program.

The deadline for applications is Friday 2 December 2022.

What do the Shopfront Improvement Grants fund?

Shopfront Improvement Grants, up to $5,000 per individual business, may be considered where they facilitate:

  • Cleaning and painting of the existing façade
  • Repairs to structural façade elements
  • External architectural and or artistic facade features
  • Repairing doors and entrance ways
  • Upgrading entrance for accessible access
  • Window treatments including vacant shopfront windows (e.g.) vinyl artwork
  • Tiling or painting exterior walls
  • Repairing awnings/canopies
  • Creative lighting and projections on façades, awnings, footpaths and laneways
  • Removal of redundant signage, air conditioning units and hoardings
  • Verge upgrades
  • Wayfinding and/or place branding signage
  • Landscaping including planter boxes or vertical gardens in public and private property
  • Landscaping including tree planting and garden beds in private property
  • Public art elements including painted murals, exhibition (light) boxes, window or footpath decals, and or projections
  • Al fresco furniture
  • Activation of underused space and/or adaptive re-use of a space including rooftops or laneways.

Am I eligible?

Applicants will be eligible for only one grant. Proposals must meet the following:

  • Small businesses with an ABN, not for profit organisations and charities, strata bodies and property owners (that lease to a small business) in the City
  • The property owner’s consent must be obtained as part of this application. For most proposals this will likely be the owner of the tenancy. If your proposal involves public land (i.e. the footpath), permission from the City of Stirling will be required
  • Priority will be given to those applicants that have not received funding in the previous year
  • If applicable, applicants must ensure the proposed works are consistent with Character Retention Guidelines or other City Policies and Strategies
  • The application is for eligible works and the applicant must have submitted all relevant information with the completed application form
  • Match funding received from the City
  • Improvement works to be undertaken by a local business/local tradesperson within the City of Stirling boundary where practicable.

How do I make an application?

StepsApplication information

Step one

If you have any queries about the fund, please contact the City Future Projects Team at the City of Stirling either via phone on (08) 9205 8555 or email cityfutureprojects@stirling.wa.gov.au.

Step two

Complete the Shopfront Improvement Grants Application form through Smarty Grants below. 

You should answer all the questions provided with as much detail as possible. Your responses will enable the Assessment Panel to make their decision. Apply for a Shopfront Improvement Grant through Smarty Grants.

Step three

Submit your application.

Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email acknowledging receipt. We aim to provide an outcome within two weeks of the round closure, though in some circumstances this may not be possible. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions via email.

Applications close Friday 2 December 2022.

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Find out more

For more information about these grants please contact the City’s City Future Projects team via email at cityfutureprojects@stirling.wa.gov.au.