The City of Stirling Family Services team provides opportunities for the community to take part in events,

activities and programs that build stronger families and communities. These initiatives create vibrant and engaged

communities that are inclusive and celebrate their rich diversity.

What we do:

• Education workshops

• Programs and events

• Aboriginal engagement

• Multicultural engagement

• Information and referral

The Family Services team plays a key role in contributing to the City's vision, by delivering a range of initiatives that are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

Strong resilient families

Creating opportunities for learning, social support, relationship building and skill development in an effort to build strong, resilient families that engage with, and contribute to their local community.

Connected and inclusive communities

Working with the community to assist in building connected and inclusive communities where families feel a sense of belonging and have access to a wide range of community networks.

A collaborative community services sector

Working with the community services sector to assist in helping build a strong collaborative sector that is engaged with, and supports the City's diverse communities.

To find out more about our Family Service programs visit the Family Services website

Stirling Local Drug Action Team 

The City of Stirling is the lead agency for  Stirling Local Drug Action Team (SLDAT), this exciting new initiative  is funded by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and comprises a steering committee of 10 State and Community agencies.  SLDAT was formed in 2016 in response to concerns voiced by local service providers about the use of methamphetamine use in the community and the impact on individuals,  families and the broader community. Over the past year SLDAT has worked with the community to develop a range of prevention strategies including high adrenaline activities and internship programs, mentoring and sports programs, festivals, peer support and phone apps.  Over the next 12 months SLDAT will develop these initiatives into workable projects that will be delivered in the community.  For further information on the project please contact the SLAT Project Officer Chelsea Anderson on the information listed below.

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