If you are experiencing family or domestic violence, get help now! The City of Stirling provides a Women's Centre (Refuge) and 'Safe at Home' program, and can help you develop a personal safety plan. There are also many other agencies that can provide crisis care and assistance.

Types of domestic violence

This page provides information on the different types of domestic violence, including physical, emotional or psychological, sexual, social and economic abuse.
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Stirling Women's Centre

Stirling Women's Centre provides accommodation and support services for women and children in domestic violence situations. If you need help, we are just a phone call away on (08) 9205 7375.
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Help lines and assistance

This page contains contact information for a number of help lines and agencies that can provide assistance in domestic violence cases.
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'Safe at Home' program

The City of Stirling's 'Safe at Home' program provides support for women and children to stay in their own home when it is safe to do so following recent family domestic violence. Risk assessment, upgrading of security to the home and safety planning ensure confidence and safety.
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Personal safety plan

A personal safety plan is important for minimising the risk to yourself and your children in the event of domestic violence and abuse. Find out how to create one.
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