WST_SignUpToMyNewBine_1000x100_Jun.jpgWhat's changed?     

The City of Stirling has set an important target: 65% recycling by 2020.

Achieving this target will ensure our City can be enjoyed by future generations. To help us get there, we have reinvented our waste collection system. Changes include:


New household bins


On demand waste collection services


Increased green waste verge collections

These changes are designed to make it easier to recycle and more convenient to dispose of household and garden waste.

New household bins

Our single bin system has now been replaced with a multi-bin system. This is comprised of a red lid bin for garbage, a yellow lid bin for recycling and a green lid bin for garden organics.  

Here's how they work:


Red - Garbage bin
Collected: Weekly
Used for: General household rubbish

Yellow - Recycling bin
Collected: Fortnightly
Used for: All dry recyclables
Green - Garden organics bin
Collected: Fortnightly
Used for: Garden Waste


Bin allocation and delivery

All homes and received red and yellow bins. Green bins were only delivered to some properties. For further information about this, or to register for a green bin click here.