What's my bin day?

Your bin collection day remains the same. However, from June 29 2015 you will put up to two bins out for collection each week:

Your garbage (red lid) bin is wheeled out every week

Your recycling (yellow lid) bin is wheeled out every second week

Your garden organics (green lid) bin is wheeled out every alternate week to yellow bin



Collection dates for Verge Greenwaste


Collection dates for 2017-2018 greenwaste verge collections  have now been finalised, please check find my rubbish collection day for further dates as indicated below.



Public holidays

Please note that collections that fall on Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday will take place the next day. Collections will occur as normal on all other public holidays.

Waste Management Local Law 2010

Do you have difficulty putting your bin out?

The City of Stirling can provide assistance to frail aged people and people with disabilities that have difficulty manoeuvring a wheelie bin to the verge and have no-one else at home to assist for weekly collection.

Please contact the City on (08) 9205 8555 to determine eligibility for a special collection arrangement.