The City of Stirling provides businesses located within the City a well priced, quality commercial waste service that is flexible and highly competitive. This page contains information on the various commercial waste management solutions for businesses located within the City of Stirling.

Modern fleet, major support

The City of Stirling's waste fleet is one of the most modern in the State, and is backed by the resources of the City, ensuring a quality job each and every time.

Having a customer focused Commercial Waste Services team provides for a more personalised service, which allows the City to better understand and tailor our services to meet your needs. Plus the entire City of Stirling fleet is carbon neutral.

Fixed prices, no hidden costs

All fees are set for twelve months (12) and have no hidden costs. This transparent pricing structure means that there are no surprises in our fees such as bin rental charges.

Free consultation for tailored services

The City of Stirling provides a free consultation service to customers to ensure the commercial waste service can be tailored to each customer. For more complex projects, fee for service by arrangement may be charged.

No contracts, so you're not locked in

The City of Stirling prides itself on retaining customers through the delivery of a quality service. As such, we believe there is no need for long term contracts and do not lock our customers in for fixed periods of time.

Collection flexibility and choice

Businesses using the City of Stirling's waste service receive a choice of collection schedules all year round, Monday to Saturday. The service offers both flexibility and on-demand servicing of bins.

Your bins, or ours - free

The City of Stirling provides and services a range of frontlift bins, from sealed vermin proof rolltop to a variety of standard sizes including lowline bins and 240L wheelie bins.

The City is also very accommodating in this regard, as it will supply customers with City bins (at no rental cost) or will service a customer's existing bin - whichever option is preferred by the client.

Bins provided by the City are well maintained and presented, and are regularly replaced as required.

Disposal of recyclables

The City of Stirling owns and runs the Recycling Centre in Balcatta , which is a recycling and waste disposal facility. This allows for disposal of specifically identified recyclables as part of the service.

Bin liners for easy, clean disposal

The City of Stirling provides bin liners to approved customers in order to make disposal of waste easy, clean and safe.


All monies made from this service are reinvested back into the City of Stirling. This means businesses receive return on investment through innovative waste minimisation programs as well as better services within the local community.

Free promotion of your business

The City of Stirling will conduct regular promotions to highlight the benefit of the City's innovative waste services for ratepayers and the environment. As a customer, you will be seen to be environmentally friendly and supporting the local community.

Contact us

To find out more about this service, please contact the Commercial Waste team on (08) 9345 8555 or email

Commercial Waste Services Brochure