Putting your bins out for collection

Follow a few simple guidelines when you put your bins out will ensure they are collected easily and efficiently each week:



What goes in each bin?

Below is a quick overview of what to put in each bin. For a more comprehensive list or to find out how else you can dispose of your waste, use our A-Z disposal guide.​​

RecyclingBin-Master_Red.png ​ ​RecyclingBin-Master_Yellow.png​ ​RecyclingBin-Master_Green.png

​ ​Garbage Bin

​ ​Recycling Bin

​ ​Garden organics bin


​Bottled cooking oil


Dirty aluminium trays

Empty motor oil containers

Food scraps

Garden organics waste (if you don't have a garden waste bin)

Kitty litter

Nappies and wipes

Wine bladders.


Bubble wrap

Clean aluminium foil and trays

Cling wrap / glad wrap

Glass bottles and jars

Long life milk and juice cartons

Loose plastic shopping and cereal bags

Paper and cardboard

Plastic containers


Tins, cans and empty aerosols.

WST_TickCross.png​Lawn clippings

Leaves and flowers

Small branches

Prunings and cuttings.


Asbestos (asbestos disposal directly to Eastern Metro Regional Council)

Batteries (household and car)

Building materials


Electrical items

Gas bottles

Hazardous waste

Hot ashes

Light globes


Motor oil and oil filters



Soil, sand and rocks

Syringes or medical waste containing blood products



Asbestos (asbestos disposal directly to Eastern Metro Regional Council)

Batteries, globes or chemicals

Car parts

Fabric, clothing and shoes

Foam packaging

Food scraps

Garden waste

Gas bottles

Nappies and wipes.


Building materials

Dirt, soil or sand

Food (including fruit and vegetable peelings)

Garden hose

Garden tools

Household garbage

Large logs or stumps

Painted or treated timber

Plant pots

Plastic bags

Stones and rocks.



Tips for kerbsite placement: 



  • Place bins next to the kerb by 6.00am
  • Keep the weight of the bin under 70kgs
  • Avoid overfilling to ensure the lid can close
  • Keep bins at least 1m away from cars or trees
  • Place bins 50cm apart

Check your bin roster here.