City of Stirling waste services

What do we doWST_2015_16_Waste_Guide_May_PRINT-2.png

  • Look after 90,000 households
  • Empty nearly 200,000 household bins per week
  • Process on average 1450 tonnes of waste per week
  • Keeps some of the coast’s most well-known beaches and parks beautiful
  • Provide special needs services
  • Process more than 350,000 tonnes of recycling per year

Our waste strategy

The City of Stirling is committed to taking action now to ensure a sustainable future for all of our residents. This is part of a State Government Waste Authority initiative called "Creating the Right Environment".

Our target of 65% recycling by 2020 is just one part this initiative.

To achieve this, the City aims to reduce waste that's collected through the 3R's; reduce, reuse and recycle. We're doing this through:

  • Household multi-bin system
  • Increased green waste verge collections
  • More on-demand services
  • Recycling Centre Balcatta
  • Hazardous waste collection
  • Commercial waste service

These services are designed to be simple and convenient to use for all City residents, regardless of their circumstances. In turn, each of our residents shares the responsibility to reduce the amount of waste they produce and to use the services correctly. Working together we can achieve our target of 65% recycling by 2020 and ensure our City can be enjoyed by future generations.

Our partners

We partner with a number of different WA organisations to deliver best practice waste solutions. These include:

Contact us 

The City's waste services opening hours are Monday-Friday 8.00am-4pm. Please feel free to contact us using the following methods:

In person:

Balcatta Depot Administration
Monday – Friday
8am to 4pm
Natalie Way, Balcatta 6021


(08) 9205 8555


In writing:

c/o Waste Department 25 Cedric Street, Stirling, 6021, WA