The City runs several street tree planting programs during the winter months in an effort to increase canopy cover from the current level of 12% to 18% by 2030.

​Community Tree Planting Program

The Community Tree Planting Program is a City-wide initiative which encourages local residents, community groups, schools and businesses to work together with the City to help plant, adopt and care for street trees.

Find out how to join the Community Tree Planting Program.

​Themed Avenue Planting

The Themed Avenue Planting program aims to create green streetscapes and increase shade along streets, footpaths and verges by planting consistent avenues of trees across the city. Primarily focused on blanket planting in areas of low canopy cover, this program also addresses regeneration of older avenues, removal and replacement projects and resident requests.

Development planting

Tree loss due to development is the greatest threat to canopy cover over the City of Stirling. For this reason, street trees are planted on the verges next to all new developments approved since October 2010.

Verge treatment planting

Verge treatment planting targets verges where ‘hard-stand treatments’ have been installed. Treatments such as paving and synthetic turf increase local temperatures throughout the City and it is therefore required for property owners to provide adequate space for a street tree (or more if space permits).

Please read the Verge Treatment Policy to find out more.

Reserve planting renewal program

The City plants over 1,000 trees per year in reserves, verges, buffer zones and road reserves. Species are chosen to best match the existing local ecosystem while also providing diversity. This includes a federally-funded recovery program to provide habitat and feeding grounds for the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

Want to give your local park or reserve a helping hand? Check out the Adopt-a-Park program run by the City.

​Street tree requests

Contact us to request a street tree for the verge in front of your home or to nominate a street for planting.