The City of Stirling's Seasonal Weed Control Program using herbicide Glyphosate is scheduled from March 2018 to the end of June 2018 (weather permitting).

Weed control will be conducted as follows:

  • Glyphosate will be used on road kerbs, footpaths, public access ways and traffic islands throughout the City
  • Spraying will cease in wet or windy conditions and shrouding of the spray nozzles will be provided to minimise spray drift
  • All weed spraying vehicles will have clear signs showing 'Slow Moving Vehicle, Spraying in Progress' and displaying the contractor's name.

Residents who wish to exempt their property from spraying can have their name and property address recorded on the non-spraying list by contacting the City.

For further information, please contact the City's Engineering Operations on (08) 9205 8555.