The City of Stirling maintains 810 kilometres of footpaths and dual use paths. Find out about maintenance and construction of footpaths and why footpaths need to be installed.

Why install footpaths?

Footpaths enable safer passage for pedestrians, particularly those with limited mobility, including children and parents with prams.

The City of Stirling maintains 810 km of footpaths and dual-use paths. This figure is broken down into:

  • 770 km of concrete footpaths
  • 25 km of brick footpaths
  • 15 km of asphalt footpaths.

The City developed the Integrated Transport Strategy, with consultation with households, businesses, the community and the state government as part of the 2009-2012 Strategic Plan. It states that all streets within the City (excepting short cul-de-sacs) are to have a footpath on at least one side. Pedestrian movement is to be given a higher priority than other transport modes.

Please download the document 'Footpaths Installation Information Sheet' (PDF) to learn more about the installation of footpaths.

Footpaths installation information sheet

Footpath maintenance and construction

The City of Stirling is responsible for footpath construction and maintenance, and conducts inspections and preventive maintenance works on footpaths.

We are responsible for the following maintenance and construction works:

  • Construction of new footpaths and dual used paths
  • Replacement of all in-situ damaged or old concrete footpaths
  • Maintenance of damaged section of brick paved footpaths
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of bitumen footpaths
  • General maintenance due to tree roots, potholes, etc.
  • Sweeping and pressure cleaning of all footpaths when necessary
  • Reinstatement of footpaths after private works, if action has not be taken by permit holder.

For more information, refer to the Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Laws 2009.

Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Laws 2009

Contact us

If you know of any damaged section of a footpath, or would like further information, please notify the Customer Contact Centre.