The City of Stirling conducts an ongoing program of maintaining and upgrading drainage systems, and uses computer analysis to determine areas in need. Find out more about the City's routine maintenance work and how to report a fault.


The City of Stirling's stormwater drainage network consists of 720 km of piping, approximately 29,000 manholes and collector pits, and 180 drainage sumps and other drainage outlets.

New drainage works to meet the latest standards are carried out in conjunction with road upgrading and reconstruction projects, or as part of the City's ongoing program of upgrading drainage systems.

The City has also embarked on a program to draw plans and record all pipe and manhole information. This ambitious project will allow data analysis to be done by computer in order to determine areas in need of future upgrading works.

The main drain networks and main sewerage infrastructure are the responsibility of the Water Corporation .

Routine drainage maintenance work

The City of Stirling carries out the following drainage maintenance works each year:

Pipe educing (vacuuming out silt and rubbish build up)

  • At low catchment points (approximately 800 locations)—occurs in April and September each year. 
  •  In high blockage areas, e.g. new development areas where sand builds up—once prior to winter, and as required from routine inspections and public feedback.

CCTV inspections and root cutting

  • Coaxial cables with cameras are sent up pipelines to assess root intrusion.
  • High-pressure water jets and root cutting implements are then used to remove identified root growth. 
  •  This process occurs four times per year in high root intrusion areas.

The drainage infrastructure is regularly inspected, and any defects are passed on to our maintenance crews and contractors to repair.

Examples of these repair works are:

  • Repair damaged pit lids
  • Sand/rubbish blockages in drainage pits

Cleaning out pipe outfalls into sumps and repairing any erosion.


Reporting faults

Drainage within private properties remains the responsibility of the owners concerned. However, blockages of street stormwater drains should be reported to the Customer Contact Centre for immediate attention.