The City of Stirling is responsible for road, street and verge care in the City. Find out about the City's annual capital works program. Information on bus shelters, street lighting, street trees, roads, weed control, drainage and foot paths is also available here.

Community Tree Planting Program

Street trees are an important part of every community and are one of our City's most important assets. The City has approximately 93,000 street trees but these only cover around one third of all street verges.
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Annual Capital Works Program

The City of Stirling constructs, maintains and improves facilities and services within the road reserve to improve safety, ease of access and aesthetics of the municipality. Here you can access the City's Annual Capital Works Program.
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Bus Shelters and Stops

Bus shelters provide valuable protection from the elements whilst waiting for buses and may encourage the use of public transport. Find out how to make requests for installation, upgrades, removal or relocation of new bus shelters in the City of Stirling.
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Clean Streets 

Clean Streets is an ongoing City of Stirling initiative to maintain the City's major shopping and tourism precincts.

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The City of Stirling conducts an ongoing program of maintaining and upgrading drainage systems, and uses computer analysis to determine areas in need. Find out more about the City's routine maintenance work and how to report a fault.
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The City of Stirling maintains 810 kilometres of footpaths and dual use paths. Find out about maintenance and construction of footpaths and why footpaths need to be installed.
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The City of Stirling is responsible for the care and maintenance of over 1,000 km of roads within the Local Government Area, and implements road safety improvement projects with state and federal funding. Find out about road maintenance, closures and traffic management.
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Street lighting

The City of Stirling is responsible for ensuring that the road and its environs are properly illuminated from dusk till dawn, and does so with the assistance of Western Power.
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Street trees

Street trees are considered a valued public asset and the City recognises their significance in maintaining long-term environmental sustainability and creating functional aesthetic streetscapes.
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Weed control

The City of Stirling undertakes seasonal weed control each year. Find out more about the weed control program.
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