City of Stirling Rangers provide a variety of services aimed at safeguarding our community, including the enforcement of numerous Acts of Parliament, Local Laws, and regulations.

How to contact a Ranger

If you require the services of a Ranger, please contact the City on (08) 9205 8555. Ranger hours of service are 7:00am-8:00pm

or in an emergency situation on the 24-hour Emergency line on 1300 365 356.

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Abandoned vehicles

Vehicles that are left in streets or on City of Stirling property for a period exceeding 24 hours may be considered abandoned and become subject to removal and impoundment.

Should you encounter an abandoned vehicle, please contact a Ranger via (08) 9205 8555. Please note that abandoned vehicles located on major roads/freeways are dealt with by Main Roads (13 81 38).

All attempts will be made to contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is not removed, the City will arrange for the vehicle to be impounded.

All impounded vehicles will be stored at the City's impounding facility for a period of 60 days. Following the completion of this period, the vehicle may be sold by public tender or disposed of by other means.

Abandoned Vehicles Fact Sheet G8 

Shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys can cause vehicle damage and make the streetscape look bad. Always return your shopping trolley to the shopping centre trolley bay.

If you would like to report an abandoned shopping trolley, and have determined which shop it belongs to, you can do so using the following links or contact numbers:

For a trolley belonging to Woolworths, Big W or Dan Murphy  call Trolley Tracker on 1800 641 497 or report it Here

For a trolley belonging to Coles, KMart or Target report it Here 

For a trolley belonging to Bunnings call 1300 554 777 or report it Here

For a trolley belonging to Aldi call 13 25 34

For a trolley belonging to IGA  call the individual store or get further information Here 

For a trolley belonging to Spud Shed contact the individual store or get further information Here


Litter is unsightly and can also cause injury to people and wildlife. The build up of litter reduces the appeal of a place and can encourage further littering. Rangers are responsible for enforcing the Litter Act 1979 as amended in the City of Stirling.

The following are examples of acts that are considered littering offences, with the accompanying penalties (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Littering that creates a public risk ($500)
  • Litter thrown from a vehicle ($200) - in these cases, the person responsible for the vehicle will be deemed to have committed the offence where neither the litterer nor the driver of the vehicle can be identified
  • Littering in a public place ($200)
  • Dumping rubbish in reserves or vacant land ($200)
  • Depositing domestic or commercial waste in a public bin ($200)
  • Items escaping from an unsecured load ($200)
  • Posting publicity material in a public place or on a vehicle without the permission of the owner ($200)
  • Abandoning shopping trolleys ($200)
  • Careless cigarette butt disposal ($200)

A maximum penalty of $5,000 (for individuals) and $10,000 (for corporations) may be imposed for littering offences.

Illegal Littering and Verge Dumping Fact Sheet G1 

Cigarette butt litter

Cigarette butts have become a significant littering issue, particularly as people are asked to smoke outside. On average Keep Australia Beautiful Council (WA) issues nearly 90 fines a week for cigarette butt littering through its litter reporter scheme, which accounts for nearly 95% of all fines issued by the Council.

Did you know?

  • About 24 billion cigarettes are sold in Australia each year
  • It is estimated that 7 billion of these cigarettes are littered
  • Almost 50% of all litter in urban areas is composed of tobacco-related products including foil inserts, wrappings and butts
  • Cigarette butts can take up to five years to break down in salt water
  • Lit butts thrown into bushland may cause grass and bushfires

Reporting littering

Litter reporters are able to report someone throwing or dumping litter from a car by taking note of key details of the offence and offender and passing the information on to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council, who will issue the offender with a fine on completion of a full report.

To register as a litter reporter, call the Keep Australia Beautiful Council on (08) 6467 5129.

For more information on State Government initiatives to reduce litter, go to the Zero Waste website.


Vehicles on a verge

Vehicles on a verge must be actively driven and not stored for periods in excess of 24 hours on a street or street verge.

If you have an unwanted or unused vehicle, contact a scrap metal dealer who may remove the vehicle for you.

It should be noted that the wrecking or dismantling of motor vehicles or machinery is also restricted. Work can only be carried out on a site approved by Council and the vehicles or machinery screened by fences so as not to be visible from the road or adjoining properties.

Rocks, stakes or vegetation on verge

The placing of rocks or stakes on verges is prohibited as it can cause damage to property or persons. Rangers will investigate any obstructions on a verge.

The growing of vegetation such as bushes or plants on a verge requires approval from the City of Stirling. Bushes are allowed to stand a maximum height of 0.6 metres, an area of 2 metres is to be kept free from the kerb to allow for clear sight lines for pedestrians and motorists.

Verge permits

To find out how to obtain a verge permit visit the Planning and Development section of our website.

Off-road vehicles

Due to a high residential population, and dust and noise levels, there are no areas for using off-road vehicles (ORV) in the City of Stirling. However, there are a number of areas nearby which have been set aside in the Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978 in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Conservation.
These areas are:

  • Gnangara Pine Plantation, Gnangara Road in Lexia (City of Swan)
  • Pinjarra Pines Area: corner of Pinjar Road and Wattle Avenue, Pinjar (operated by Department of Environment and Conservation)
  • Ledge Point (Shire of Gingin)
  • Lancelin (Shire of Gingin).

Off-road vehicles are not to be used in any parks, reserves, beaches or on the road in the City of Stirling. If you spot an ORV in a park, reserve or beach call the Customer Contact Centre. If you spot an ORV in the street, call the Police on 131 444.

Off-road vehicles Fact Sheet G7

Pocket motor bikes

Pocket motor bikes (vehicles under 50cc) are classed as a vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1974 (WA) and as such must conform to the Act. They are not allowed to be ridden on a footpath or roadway unless registered. They may be ridden on private property with the consent of the owner.

Motorised skateboards are likewise classed as a vehicle and must also conform to the Road Traffic Act. Again they are not allowed to be ridden on a footpath or be ridden on a roadway unless registered.

As it is unlikely either of these vehicle types will meet registration standards, it is recommended you report them when seen.
If the pocket motor bike or motorised skateboard is on public property such as a reserve, contact the Customer Contact Centre who will send a ranger out to investigate.

If the pocket motor bike or motorised skateboard is on a footpath or roadway, contact the Police on 131 444.

Signs in public places

Permission may be granted to charitable, community or sporting organisations to temporarily place signs advertising fetes, registration days etc. on verges within the City of Stirling.

All requests for signs must be placed in writing to the Administration Officer, Community Safety. There is no application fee charged.
The City of Stirling cannot grant approval for signs on Main Roads WA infrastructure. In such cases, contact Main Roads on 138 138 for approval.

Main roads within the City include:

  • Karrinyup Road/Morley Drive
  • West Coast Highway
  • Reid Highway
  • The Mitchell Freeway
  • Wanneroo Road.

Under no circumstances is a commercial business permitted to place advertising signs on the verge. Any signs placed on the verge area by a commercial business are subject to impoundment by the City's rangers.

For more information refer to the Erection of signs in thoroughfares by not for profit groups policy below.
Erection of Signs in Thoroughfares

Advertising Signs G4
Letter - Real Estate Sign

Use of Reserves and Public Places

Use of Reserves and Public Places G6


Golfing is prohibited on all reserves within the City of Stirling. Should you see someone practising golf on a reserve report it to the Customer Contact Centre.

A public golf course is provided for residents at Hamerlsey on Marmion Avenue, Karrinyup. For more information visit the Recreation and Leisure section of our website