Residents and students of the City of Stirling can help keep our City free of graffiti.

Volunteers Against Graffiti

Volunteers Against Graffiti is an important part of the City of Stirling's graffiti removal effort. The rapid removal of graffiti vandalism is an excellent deterrent, as it discourages vandals from creating more unsightly graffiti.

The aim of the project is to assign groups and individuals a park, street, bus shelter etc. within the City. The groups or individuals are then responsible for their assigned public area and keep it free of graffiti. The Volunteers Against Graffiti team may perform graffiti removal seven days a week, between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm.

The Volunteers Against Graffiti teams are responsible for frequently checking their assigned areas for graffiti. Any graffiti sighted within their areas should be removed in a timely fashion.

The City provides all the supplies necessary to remove graffiti from their areas of responsibility within the City. Where a group is involved, a designated member can arrange delivery of the necessary items required such as paint, rollers, brushes and other supplies from the City's Community Safety Officer - Safer City.

Volunteer training

All members of the Volunteers Against Graffiti team are provided with the necessary training required to carry out the correct methods for removing graffiti from walls and other structures by an officer of the City.

Join us

If you would like to contribute to keeping your neighbourhood free from graffiti, use the online form below or call the City of Stirling on 9205 8555 to register your interest.