Graffiti Removal Tips

If your property has been vandalised with graffiti, the rapid removal of the graffiti is  important you can to help prevent it from reappearing.

Residents can request free graffiti wipes by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on (08) 9205 8555 or by completing the Graffiti Safewipe Registration Form and submitting it to

There are also a number of ways that owners can deter graffiti vandals from their property:

  • Plant clinging vegetation or thick bushes to cover and protect walls and fences
  • Move commercial dumpsters away from walls
  • Increase lighting around your property
  • Use motion detectors to draw attention to movement
  • Remove rocks or objects that could be used to scratch glass or similar surfaces

If graffiti is a real problem in your area, you may consider applying a protective anti-graffiti coating that provides a barrier between your property's surface and the graffiti.

Free removal or painting over service

The City will remove or paint out graffiti from residential boundary fencing, walls and signs that is visible from the street or a public place. Generally these walls and fences abut streets, rights of way or parks and public open space. 

Painting out

Painting out graffiti is effective when the surface has previously been painted. Prior to painting out the graffiti, try to remove as much of the graffiti as you can.

Some types of graffiti materials tend to bleed through the paint, so it is best to try to paint over a small test area to see if bleeding is going to be a problem for you. If the graffiti bleeds through the paint, it is recommended that you use a sealer coat over the graffiti prior to painting.

Self Removal

Removal of graffiti varies in difficulty and depends on the type of marker or graffiti implement used and the surface on which the graffiti is placed.

Painted and protected surfaces such as wood, metal or concrete surfaces that have a topcoat and these surfaces are easier to clean because the graffiti doesn't seep below the surface. Use a common solvent, appropriate commercial remover or citrus oil-based product.

There are two effective removal methods for bare or raw surfaces such as stone, concrete, brick, wood and metal.

  • Apply a solvent remover, wait three to five minutes then use a wire brush, rinsing with water to remove the graffiti.
  • For heavily affected areas apply paint stripper (on a dry surface), wait three to four minutes, then scrub with a wire brush. Wash the paint stripper away, taking care not to splash it on clothing or skin.

Materials can be found at hardware stores. Always follow the safety procedures recommended by the manufacturer. For further technical assistance, please seek advice from your hardware store or graffiti removal specialist.