​​​​The City offers Parking Agreements to assist commercial and residential properties experiencing issues with unauthorised parking on private property.

​Types of private parking agreement

There are two types of parking agreements:

  • Private Parking Agreement: applies to properties that have 99 parking bays or less
  • Commercial Parking Agreement: applies to properties with 100 or more parking bays, up to a maximum of 5000 bays.​
Detailed information including fees is found in the following info sheet:
Parking Agreement Information Sheet.pdf



Fees apply for the initial application and annual fee, depending on the number of bays that are to be managed at the property.

If an agreement is renewed, a fee will apply for the continuation of the service into the new year. If the registration is not going to be renewed, the City must be notified and all signage removed. It is an offence to display parking agreement signage without entering into or holding a current agreement with the City.

Any infringements that are issued incorrectly at the Contact Person's request will incur a withdrawal fee of $45.

​Starting and renewing an agreement

The agreement is valid for one year expiring on 31 October. The City will send advisory letters prior to this date for those properties who wish to renew their registration. 

Signage also must be installed in the car park advising drivers that the area is private property and that a penalty will apply for parking without authorisation. The signage must comply with the City's Signage Style Guide (PDF) and it is the applicant's responsibility to manufacture and install the signs. It is recommended that an agreement be submitted prior to installing signage so an officer can meet on site to discuss how many signs are required for your car park.

To submit an application, please complete an application form and post or email to the City.

Application for Parking Agreement.pdf​

​Enforcing the agreement

Upon entering an agreement, City Officers can enter private property and infringe vehicles who are not permitted to park there at the request of one of the three "Contact Persons" nominated on the agreement. The Contact Person must also sign a form authorising the infringement to be issued and confirming they will attend Court, if required. Without an agreement, the City is unable to take action on private property.

It is important to note that a City Officer will respond to an attendance call subject to their availability and City responsibilities will always take priority however they will attend as soon as possible.

​Further information

  For enquiries regarding parking and private parking agreements, contact us.