Paid parking has been implemented in high demand parking areas within the City. You can find detailed information on each paid parking zone below. Remember to always check signage when parking. For assistance with parking, contact us​.

​​​Paid parking map & zone information​​​ 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​


  • Monday to Friday
  • Long term - $1.00/hour max. $5.00/day


  • Cayley Street​
  • Harborne Street​
  • Leeder Street ​(section of E​astern end only)​
  • Pollard Street between Cayley Street and Harborne Street

Herdsman Business Park and Osborne Park​

  • Monday to Friday
  • Short term - $1.50/hour
  • Long term - $1.00/hour max. $5.00/day


  • Walters Drive
  • Hasler Road
  • Gould Street
  • Teakle Street​
  • Parkland Road
​​​​Map ​​


  • Monday to Sunday
  • Short term - $3.​00/hour
  • Long-term - $2.00/hour max. $7.00/day


  • Sunray Drive
  • Tassels Place
  • Baumea Way​​​


  • Monday to Friday
  • Short term - $1.50/hour
  • Long-term parking - $1.00/hour max. $5.00/day


  • Cedric Street ​First hour free
  • Ravel Lane​​ ​First hour free

Mount Lawley​

  • Monday to Friday
  • Short term - $1​.50/hour
  • Long-term - $1.00/hour max. $5.00/day


  • Railway Parade ​First hour free
  • Park Road​ ​First hour free
  • Bradford Street



What changes is the City making to parking?

The City of Stirling is focussed on the way parking is provided, regulated and managed in precincts of the City that experience high parking demand through implementing paid parking. One of the benefits of paid parking is that the costs of providing parking facilities and services is offset by contributions from motorists who use the facilities, instead of entirely by the City's ratepayers. 

What benefits does paid parking bring?

  • Better utilisation of on-site private parking.
  • Increased public transport use.
  • Improved vehicle turnover within public car parking areas.
  • Removal of commuters who travel to other work locations.
  • Improved customer parking opportunities within close proximity to businesses.​

What payment methods are available?

  • Parking can be paid for with cash (coin only) or by credit card/PayPass (Visa Card or Master Card with minimum $2.00 spend)
  • American Express is not accepted.
  • Machines do not give change

Is free parking available?

  • Yes. There are still several areas where parking is free, although other restrictions may apply. 'First hour free' applies in some paid parking areas within the City however a parking ticket must still be displayed. Please check the parking signage specific to each area. 
  • Motorcycle bays are free.

What happens if I have a problem with a ticket machine?